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September 2020

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    Experience of moving with Click n Deliver

    I am writing this over as a happy and satisfied customer who had a pleasant and trouble free experience with Click n Deliver. I am Ashesh, currently working as a Quality Assurance Officer in one of the pharmaceutical company in London from last 2 years. My organization, around 4 months back, happened to open up a senior position in one […]

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    Top 6 tips to make it easy to handle your dog while you move

    Are you having a furry little partner at home and are planning a move? Well! It might sound like you have the biggest problem of the world under your shed. It does seem complicated initially, but if you plan it wisely, you can slay the entire situation like a pro! Believe us and keep reading! Here, we give you Top […]

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    Top 6 tips on how to pack for a move

    Many congratulations on the new house or the new office that you are planning to move! Hope this proves to be the best to explain how to pack for a move. Packing and moving is one of the heftiest tasks one can get involved in, if not organized well. You have to figure out so many things; so many new […]

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    Top 5 ways to worry of overdoing while moving a house

    Moving to a new house can be an exciting event which brings with itself thrill of a new start, new ideas, fresh accomplices, new environment and so much more. But, at the same time, it can be hard too. If you are moving your house with everything in place and everything planned well, maintaining the thrill is easy, but just […]