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Experience of moving with Click n Deliver

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I am writing this over as a happy and satisfied customer who had a pleasant and trouble free experience with Click n Deliver.

I am Ashesh, currently working as a Quality Assurance Officer in one of the pharmaceutical company in London from last 2 years. My organization, around 4 months back, happened to open up a senior position in one of our locations in Watford, which was around 3 hours away from my then physical location. I was really keen into taking this promotion, since I was waiting for it for a long time, but at the same time, I was skeptical of the move that I would have to make.

Keeping it as a side decision, I gave my name as an interested candidate for the position and to my good luck; I received an e-mail notifying me that I was selected for the profile. I was extremely thrilled to read it, until when I read the last line which said that if I want to secure the position for myself, I have to make a move within next 7 days.

The situation required me to move to the location and join within a week. All was merry and fancy, but one thing which was how to manage moving an entire house in such a short span of time. Few of my friends suggested that I should take help from a professional Man and Van hire service to make the move, but I wasn’t very sure of it and therefore, decided to do it on my own.

Like any wise person can guess, I went bonkers in less than 2 days trying to sort out what to do and when to do. My work was hectic and I was not able to secure an off to ensure that everything is packed well before I move. Until this point, I was so adamant on my approach of not hiring a Man and Van hire service that I didn’t even take the pain of checking on Internet if there is an efficient service around me which can genuinely help me.

Looking at my condition and the fuss that was created, my girlfriend took over and forced me to at least check the services of this Man and Van hire service that somebody had recommended to her calling it one of the best Man and Van hire services around the United Kingdom.

I was already not sure how am I going to do, so I gave to her pressure and first thing, I did was got the name and went on to check their online presence. I got a positive vibe and that’s when I decided on contacting them. Trust me, even until this point, I wasn’t very sure if I would hire them or not. It was just on their capacity to convince me and their service portfolio that could have convinced me.

The name of the Man and Van hire service provider was ‘Click n Deliver’ and there I made a call to them and asked for assistance.

I would, first of all, highlight the issues because of which I wasn’t ready to hire a Man and Van hire service:

  • I was scared that they would be unprofessional and would end up making a huge mess
  • I didn’t want to take the pain of coordinating with them feeling like a call centre and calling one department or the other all day
  • I wasn’t up for paying a hefty amount which ends up burning a hole in my pocket because I was anyway moving and needed a good sum of money with me at the new location
  • I didn’t want to put my stuff in the hands of a careless service who would not take care of it and would end up breaking or loosing most of it
  • I didn’t want to take botheration of handling an unprofessional on field staff

Having 101 confusions in my mind, I connected with Click n Deliver and to my surprise; the response was extremely professional, to start with.

Here, I am going to highlight the exact things that were my worries and how Click n Deliver ensured that it changes into relief:

  • Like I already mentioned, even the very first communication was EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL. I was guided thoroughly right in the beginning and was detailed into what options I have considering in mind the amount of stuff I had the distance I had to move and the budget I wanted to accommodate.
  • I was assigned a professional from the team who was POINT OF CONTACT and was coordinating with the rest of the team for me. I didn’t, at any point, have to take the hustle of talking to ten people and managing the whole plan.
  • The best thing that I experienced was that Click n Deliver has various kinds of plans and options MATCHING THE BUDGET of the person who wants to take their services. Contrary to my fear, I didn’t have to spend a fortune in order to avail their highly professional services and it was very much within my budget. In fact, I ended up paying even less than what was my budget which was a bonus point.
  • Their package came with a professional MAN and VAN service which had a team to pack my stuff, and mind you, the stuff was packed extremely professionally ensuring that every item is separately sorted in categories and especially, the ones that were delicate were packed separately with required care so that I don’t end up losing anything.
  • The ON FIELD STAFF was extremely well organized and tutored when it came to how they had to operate. At the same time, they were open to situational improvisations and ensured that customization happened as and when needed depending on the location and the kind of stuff I was carrying. At no point, I had to run behind them to get the work done.

And this is how, thanks to Click and Deliver, I witnessed one of the smoothest moving experiences ever. I would give them a definite five-star for the service and would highly recommend anyone who is planning to move in the United Kingdom to take their services.

Because when you have the best, why go for the rest!

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