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Top 6 tips to make it easy to handle your dog while you move

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Are you having a furry little partner at home and are planning a move? Well!

It might sound like you have the biggest problem of the world under your shed. It does seem complicated initially, but if you plan it wisely, you can slay the entire situation like a pro!

Believe us and keep reading!

Here, we give you

Top 6 tips to make it easy to handle your dog while you move:

1. Plan a travel kennel for your dog:

This comes as no shock. If you are planning to move, and especially the move is of a long run, a day or two if it is going to take in entirety, first thing you must consider in order to make it easy to handle your dog while you move is to get a travel kennel.

Be careful of the fact that the travel kennel should be home at least a week to 10 days prior to the day when you plan to move, so that your dog is comfortable around the kennel and doesn’t give you tough time on the spot. How would you like it if you are here ready to move and your dog refuses to get into the kennel?

Not a very pleasant situation to be in, right?


To avoid the same and to make it easy to handle your dog while you move, ensure that the kennel is planned and gotten home well in advance for your dog to be friendly in and around it.

2. Make your dog spend at least 2-3 hours in the kennel:

What if your dog is friendly with the kennel but refuses to spend a long time in it?

The day you plan your move, especially if it is a long travel, you will need your dog to at least spend 2-4 hours at one go in the kennel (you can take breaks with that interval). Therefore, if your dog is not really accommodative of being in the kennel for a minimum of 2-3 hours, you would have hard time convincing your dog to stay inside the kennel, and you would really not want to stop again and again to handle that while you are on your way to your new destination.

Because of this, you must ensure that you make your dog spend at least 2-3 hours in the kennel in order to make it easy to handle your dog while you move.

3. Take your dog on few car trips prior to moving:

For the reasons that you might have definitely understood by now, you definitely should take your dog out on few car trips prior to moving in order to make it easy to handle your dog while you move. This is to make sure that the dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable while you move, especially if there is a long journey involved. In case the dog feels caught up inside, there are high chances that you will have to again and again stop and give him a walk and it would, probably take you double the time to reach your new destination.

In order to save yourself from a hassle of that kind, do take your dog out on a car trips prior trips which will make the dog used to the whole process and it would be so much easier for you to handle the dog while you move on the main day.

4. Keep chew toys in the kennel when you start:

Chew toys are something that we all know that dogs love and more importantly, chew toys can keep your dog involved for a very long time making it less cumbersome for you to entertain your little loyal friend again and again.

But, at the same time, be aware of the fact that it is a well researched and proven fact that dogs don’t get friendly with new chew toys very easily. They take their own time before they let the new invader in their territory and this is exactly why, when you get your dog used to the new kennel around a week prior, you should, at the same time, thrown in the chew toys so that your dog is familiar with them and has no issues letting the new guests in. This way you can ensure that it is easy for you to handle the dog when you move.

5. Fully vaccinate the dog:

This might not seem very obvious to you because not many of the dog owners think of this as an important thing to do in order to handle the pet while you move, but it is of extreme importance. Dog happen to exhibit certain behaviors given to the lack of vaccination that they should be getting. The trigger of that behavior might not be the most pleasant thing to handle while you are on for your move. Make sure that there is no immediate vaccine that is pending for your dog or else, you might have hard time. If there is a vaccine approaching, you must get that done and rather, that should be done few days before moving.

Being a dog owner, you definitely must be aware of the fact that dogs tend to behave a little strange for a day or two after their vaccine is done and in order to avoid handling that kind of attitude from your favorite pet on the move, get the vaccine done a few days before and you are way ahead in the game of handling your dog while you plan your move.

6. Check the pet laws of the new land that you are moving to:

Now, this one is extremely crucial for people who are moving from one territory to the other, one province to the other. To be precise, this is one thing that those people who are moving to a new place which will have altogether new set of rules from the place that they are already living in. While you have a pet, it is mandatory to follow the law of the land regarding the pets.

When you move from one territory to another, do make sure that you have a detail about those specific laws so that you don’t end up in a mess altogether, which of course becomes one important thing to keep in mind to handling the pet easy while you plan a move.

We know you love your pet deeply and thus, have made sure to enlist the most important and indispensable things that you should take care of in order to handle your pet while you move.

We are sure that these tips will make moving easy and hassle free for both you and your pet!

May you have a happy and furry time moving!

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