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Top 6 tips on how to pack for a move

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Many congratulations on the new house or the new office that you are planning to move! Hope this proves to be the best to explain how to pack for a move.

Packing and moving is one of the heftiest tasks one can get involved in, if not organized well. You have to figure out so many things; so many new adjustments have to be made, uncountable worries run around your bed and in the middle of all this, the last thing you would want to be tensed about is your packing. And in fact, the major worry around the matter of moving is about packing only. It’s a giant task to sort, set, pack and move every single thing that you have been using in your current location. Especially, if you are moving a house, from every small thing to the bigger ones, like furniture, everything needs attention and utmost care while you plan to move. Above all, one thing that you definitely would need in good amount is TIME.

How to pack for a move

Yes! Needless to say, you can’t just plan to move a house or an office at the eleventh hour. While all the aspects are extremely important and must be taken care of, here let’s talk about ‘Top 6 tips on how to pack for a move’:

1. Start early:

Become an ‘Early bird’ and reap the benefits. If you plan to move at the weekend, you must schedule to pack for your move at least a week prior. Does this sound too early?


It isn’t so.

While you plan to pack for your move, you must keep in mind the fact that you will not have all the time under the sun when you pack. You will have your office, your daily routine and your family to take care of every day. The perks of starting early would be that you would be able to accommodate a portion of time every day, without putting pressure on yourself at once and at the same time; you will be able to pose the right amount of attention towards your family, work and other things in your day-to-day life. Therefore, while you plan to pack for your move, ensure starting early.

You must have heard,

“Early bird gets the worm.”

Be that early bird!

2. Sort your stuff category wise:

While you plan to pack for your move, in order to make packing and moving convenient for you, you can chose to make a list of categories in which your possessions land. Take a pen and paper, or if you so prefer, open the notepad in your phone and create a list of categories diving your stuff into them. This would help you keep a track of everything that needs to be packed together. For instance, you may opt to make a separate category of perishables, one for jewels, one for documents, one for toys that belong to your kids, one for the clothes, one for the shoes etc. Consequently, this will help you in packing category wise which would make it a cakewalk to organize the stuff and would save you from banging your head into the wall out of confusion when you sit to pack for your move.

3. Get rid of the useless stuff:

It would be completely foolish to carry the stuff that is useless or that you are most likely, never going to use again. The demerits of the same are wastage of time, wastage of effort and usage of space when you move. Anyway, you would be throwing it away sooner or later without putting it to use any day. This is why while you pack for your move, you must ensure that you get rid of all the stuff that you do not use anymore or are most likely, never to use again so that you can save yourself from the effort which is not going to yield any result in the future. In fact, this step can really help you in instilling positivity inside you for the change that is approaching. It is widely believed and proven in studies that getting rid of unwanted stuff removes negativity and charges one with positive and refreshing energy. Therefore, you must ensure throwing away all the stuff that you don’t use when you pack for your move.

4. Gather the boxes:

If you have ever earlier done packing and moving or you have helped someone do it, you must have seen that by the time, it comes to packing the stuff practically, one usually falls short of the boxes and stuff keeps lingering here and there, which at the end has to be fixed in small spaces with other stuff creating a lot of mess and hampering the organization of the stuff that you plant to pack for your move. Therefore, it is strongly advised for you to ensure that you have enough boxes of varied sizes depending upon the categories that you have made for dividing and packing your stuff. You can easily find the boxes online, or in fact you can contact your local grocery stores for the same. They are easily available around. Make sure the boxes are of good quality and are strong enough to hold the stuff that you plan to pack inside them for your move.

5. Donate or sell:

Since, you are now very well aware how important it is to get rid of unwanted stuff when you pack for your move, you can consider the option of either selling or donating the stuff that you are planning not to carry along when you move. You may consider selling the stuff as an option because you might end up earning some extra bucks which can in turn help you in planning the process of moving in a better way. There are ample of online portals where one can sell used stuff earning a good amount of money. Also, donating your stuff is also a great option to take since; it would add to someone’s relief and would definitely end up giving you a sense of happiness.

6. Research and hire a professional Packer and Mover company:

A lot can be made easier if you research about the best names around the town who are involved not just moving but packing the stuff as well. You can avail professional help to pack for your move in order to ensure that the entire process is smooth. This would serve a lot of purposes for you namely, saving time, saving physical effort, better organization, time specificity and so many more. Go around the internet and find out the best names keeping in mind what suits your budget the best and there you are- landing at just the most right name suiting your needs!

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Keeping an eye on all the above aspects, you can definitely avoid any kind of hassle while you pack for your move.

Happy moving!

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