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Top 5 ways to worry of overdoing while moving a house

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Moving to a new house can be an exciting event which brings with itself thrill of a new start, new ideas, fresh accomplices, new environment and so much more. But, at the same time, it can be hard too. If you are moving your house with everything in place and everything planned well, maintaining the thrill is easy, but just in case, you are a person who has a habit of doing things unplanned at the last hour, moving a house might turn out to be the most worrying experience for you because in that case, you will end up overdoing things at the last moment.

Before we move into knowing the top 5 ways to release the worry of overdoing while moving a house, let’s understand why moving a house involves chances of over exhausting at first place. Moving a house sounds all fancy, but involves whole lot of work. And on top of it, if you are living with your family which has members above 60 years of age or less than 10 years of age, you have no idea how exhaustive unplanned moving can be. Anyway, there is going to be an inevitable psychological impact on you while you move and if the impact of unplanned moving impacts you too, you are bound to have a lot of stress.

There can be so many reasons why you might feel this way while moving a house, following are few:

  • Handling the packing
  • Handling the moving
  • Handling the elderly and the children
  • Handling the delicate and perishable items
  • Handling and managing the budget
  • Handling the amount of physical effort
  • Psychological impact of leaving the house
  • Psychological impact of adjusting in a new environment


How to release stress while moving a house?

Having listed the reasons that might make you over do and exhaust yourself through the process of moving a house, here are top 5 ways to release the stress of moving a house:

1. Plan a detailed budget in advance:

Most of the people who plan to move their house do plan their budget, but what makes it challenging is that usually the budget that they make is superficial. There are several details of budgeting that must be kept in mind while you plan to move your house like:

  • Money to be spent on packing
  • Money to be spent on moving
  • Money to be spent on the meals of the day (yes, if you have forgotten, you are not going to be sitting there and cooking while packing and moving is going on, you would most probably be ordering food from a nearby restaurant)
  • Money to be spent on the movement of the family members through taxis

And so much more.

Like the famous saying goes,

“The wise knows where the penny flows.”

Be that wise fellow and plan the details of your budget in advance while you plan to move your house.

2. DO NOT plan to do it all in just few hours or one day:

Moving a house isn’t a cakewalk AT ALL. Moving every little thing from the house, from the delicate items to the bigger beds to your TV screen to that glittery show piece to the dining table which you have spent a fortune on, it all needs immense care, time and planning. If you plan to move it all in one day, there are chances that you would end up exhausting yourself and creating unnecessary stress. Don’t think that you would come from the office after a half day and move your house and you will be good. You have no idea how much you will have to overdo in case your planning is not in place.

For those of you who are planning to move their house to a location which is far from your current location and it is practically not feasible for you to split it into two days, consider packing properly in advance so that when it comes to moving real time, everything is already sorted and the only thing that needs to be done is to load and move. For people planning to move at a long distance, packing and leaving things for the last moment is a big NO-NO.

3. Tell your mind that this is an opportunity to de clutter:

Where does worry reside ultimately? In the mind, right?

And in handling anything that is related to your mind, what you feed in is of extreme importance. Worry of overdoing is no exception. Look at your event of moving the house as an opportunity to de clutter your house and to fill yourself and your stuff with a new good energy. The mentality that you do it with is going to play an important role. If you go into doing it with a mindset that it is a problem, in more chances than not, it will become one.

Be free mentally, experience the change and feel the positive energy that flows when you move your house.  

4. Take someone’s help:

If we look into the process of moving a house, it is a mammoth task and anyway, it is not something that can be done alone. If you are living with family when you plan to move your house, you already have an advantage to start with. But, that alone doesn’t do the deal. You must ensure that the tasks are equally divided among the family members and they are responsible for the same. You might also consider keeping a job tracker for each one in order to add more smoothness to the whole process.

In case you are living alone, when you move your house, you might emotionally feel alone and at the same time, you might feel like the entire burden has fallen over you. Try speaking to some friends and get them involved into the moving, and soon that whole thing will turn into one sort of adventure. Try it out!

5. Take rest in between:

One usually gets involved in overdoing things at once and forgets to take rest. Make sure you take breaks in between to de-stress yourself. At the same time, ensure that your breaks are not very frequent because in that case too, you will end up overdoing the work in order to compensate for the frequent breaks while moving your house. You might consider making an exact planner while you move your house so that the hidden procrastinator in you has clear instructions of not putting it to the next hour.

Next time you or someone you know plans to move the house, make sure these are your go to tips in order to avoid overdoing and exhausting yourself.

Happy moving!

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